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  • Strategic Team Goals

  • New Leader Integration Process

  • Meeting Reviews

  • Communication Styles, Selling Styles,

  • Conflict Styles, Leadership Styles

  • Measuring results 

  • Debriefing deals and Client Interactions

  • Executive Committees and Boards

  • Experiential Learning Using your own Team's Expertise

  • Mentoring

Team Development, Organizational Development

...Our insights, our strategy, Neustadt's facilitation..."

         - COO, Fortune 500 Consumer goods 

We have to get information out to a lot of people, effectively and interactively. Emily comes in and works with us 1-1.

Meeting Reviews--Team Dev



Mobilizing the talents

   of your team is

   big part of leadership.



Working with teams to clarify roles, goals and results. 
Ethics, personalities, connections, feelings, loyalties, goals, desires, behaviors: teams need to be pointed in the same direction and each team member working at his/her own specialty. It's a tall order. We can help.
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