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"Neustadt Consulting came in and helped our group create a plan for the year that worked. Emily had spoken to all the
MD's before the meeting and
by the time we got together, most of the differences had been aired.  We were able to have a dialogue that was very productive, very focused.
We worked out duplications
of effort that had existed
for years and
   got to the core objectives."   
                   -Group Head, UBS

"We have to get information out to a lot of people, effectively and interactively. Emily comes in and works with us 1-1 to make sure our presentations are clear, interactive and based in realistic business situations we come up with together. It saves us a lot of time."

"My team and I already had a lot of insights. Emily did 1-1 interviews with us before she designed the off-site. She asked astute questions that got us listening to each other. Her meeting design kept us on task and moving toward clear objectives. We have a real plan now, and relevant goals. I bring her in regularly. She uses our time well. She follows up and keeps adding value, partnering with us." 


          -COO, Fortune 500

            Consumer Goods

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