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Leadership requires innovation. Innovation requires leadership.

Welcome to Neustadt Consulting. We help leaders and organizations set their course toward remarkable results with creative problem-solving, individualized coaching, and measurable outcomes. Based in New York City and led by experienced business coach Emily Neustadt, we provide leadership coaching and organizational consulting customized to reflect each client's strengths and each organization’s needs.

Asking the right questions

Are your teams connecting in the right ways? Are your leaders engaging with teams to achieve meaningful progress? We help executives and teams

  • Lead better, guide others, and positively influence outcomes
  • Deliver, receive and absorb actionable feedback and interactive training
  • Prepare for and thrive during significant promotions and organizational change
  • Transform individual contributor mindsets into holistic leadership engagement
  • Find organizationally sound ways to use entrepreneurial thinking and impact the bottom line


Executive Coaching

Leadership and Innovation Consulting

Strategic Planning

Messaging, Presentation skills and Influencing

Team Development

Emily Neustadt
Strategist and Coach

We can help you set

your 2015 strategy

Create and articulate the vision and business objectives

Give clear usable feedback to get the team there

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