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"Emily has a unique ability to keep a group very engaged and very much on track. I can't believe what she was able to do with our Board of Directors in a one-day strategy meeting. The preparation she did beforehand, meeting with key people and dissenting voices, provided an opening for us to get down to work, clean up some of our past ills and get on with it. After that our meetings continue to be very productive. "   
                   - Chairman of the Board,
                     Non-profit  Organization

Strategic Planning Clients' Experience

"Neustadt Consulting came in and helped our group create a plan for the year that worked. Emily had spoken to all the MD's before the meeting and by the time we got together, most of the differences had been aired. We were able to have a dialogue that was very productive, very focused. We worked out duplications of effort that had existed for years and got to the core objectives. We made them exlplicit and had robust conversations on measurement and milestones."   
                            -Group Head, UBS

Emily is a true global citizen; through her foreign language skills and the experience gained living abroad, she has developed a global skill set and an inter-cultural sensitivity that enables her to help identify and address issues that the less internationally savvy might overlook.


Emily has a fine hand in encouraging understanding and communication between different personality types, without relieving her clients of the responsibility for nurturing the relationship going forward.
 -- Compliance and International Legal               Executive
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