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Lasting Changes

Neustadt's leadership consulting, strategic planning and influencing skills programs have been successfully utilized by major financial services and media companies. The dynamic, interactive learning experience emphasizes the practical, business-use of the skills taught, and where possible, builds one-on-one or group coaching into the design of the programs. The retention rate dramatically increases and participants are able to make significant, lasting changes.


Professional Background

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Emily has also studied at the New School University. She is trained in the systems approach, and has appeared regularly as a guest lecturer and panelist for New York University, Columbia University and has appeared on National Public Radio and NYC stations.


Making the world a better place

Neustadt Consulting donates when possible, workshops, consulting and coaching to people who may not be able to hire us. We've worked for many years helping those returning to work after life events such as illness, raising children, or a major clarification of values. We provided work readiness training to recipients of children's charities aging out of those programs and into the workforce. We are committed to helping people find a meaningful way to contribute.


We worked to lower the ambient (TV) noise levels in hospitals by facilitating the adoption of headphones in hospitals giving greater dignity for dying patients and their visitors. When we can't spare the days, we donate a cash equivalent. Past donations went to the creation of a low masonry wall to protect trees in New York City, and funding for an oral history project to enhance the understanding of history from multiple perspectives.

Personal influences

Emily Neustadt grew up with a passion for theatre, improvisation, acting, writing, 2D and 3D art. She wanted to bring the lessons learned in ensemble theatre work to the world of business where "everyone can paint on the same canvas." She has a pragmatic appreciation for some Asian practices: breathing practices, meditation, Qi Gong, yoga. These run in the background of the work of Neustadt Consulting, along with the work of Joseph Campbell using myth to illuminate the struggles in work and find the "Hero's Journey." There is dignity in the issues that teams and individuals face and there can be joy and meaning in achieving business results together, meeting goals and developing leaders. This work matters.  

Leadership is a personal act.

We have to figure out how to take it personally, how to be fully engaged, yet analytical, strategic and ethical. It's a tall order and coaching really helps.

The organizational analysis we do with groups makes a difference.


Smart, motivated leaders dealing

with organizational growth, 

development and changing markets, need someone they can trust to discuss new approaches, ideas, how to involve experts and trusted advisors.       

                     -  Emily Neustadt

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