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       "I worked with Emily to change behaviors that kept me from being promoted.  She helped me understand and address  feedback I couldn't get otherwise--things no one was telling me. 

        I present better. I manage much more effectively and lead on a higher level. Emily is the right blend of gentle and tough. She doesn't waste my time but she isn't out to crush my ego.

       We laugh in our meetings. We get a lot done but I can vent a little, run something by her.  She brings a fresh perspective. Above all, she's a trusted advisor." 

                                                 - EVP, Fortune 100 Financial Services

"Emily is my secret weapon. Our conversations are completely confidential. Her questions and the way she listens get me
to think about things differently. In between coaching sessions,
I do things differently."                                                 -MD, CSFB


       "I wasn't really sure coaching was worth my time. Until I met my coach, I really didn't know what Executive Presence meant. I thought it was something you either had or you didn't. I really didn't realize that there were very simple things I could do to enhance my own reputation and help further our mission.


         I'm surprised at how different I was before I started this. In between coaching sessions I started to do things differently. Little things at first but it added up fast."

                                                                                    — CEO Financial Services

After years of trying to provide feedback to a team member and feeling frustrations on both sides, Emily effected welcome change by facilitating meaningful discussions.  Emily helped us bridge communication gaps, always bringing us back to the big picture and reminding us of our goals in the conversation.  We developed a clearer picture of our issues and our shared objectives through Emily’s thoughtful suggestions – she was the translator we needed to gain common understanding. 

                                                                             -- MD Financial Services 



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